Wednesday, 20 August 2014

os noctàmbulos and the obscure world of paris rock and roll

So we don't get to hear of many rock bands that came out of Paris in the 1960's. There should be given it's bohemian backstreets were at the heart of so much European culture then. Film directors, actors, singers, artists, poets, jazz clubs, and then there were the student rally's and riots ! Now if that isn't a breeding ground for raw rock and roll nothing is.
Actually after all that the most obvious name to spring out when 1960's Paris is mentioned is Jim Morrison, although he moved there just after the decade was over, along with Jim's interest in rock and roll and his life. No, it has to be said the age of Paris beat groups are filed under 'obscure' in rock history.

Today many major cities in Europe, like Paris are suffering from the financial meltdown that arrived at the end of the last decade and now those Paris backstreets are looking rather worn. There is unrest too, There are undercurrents of some unpleasant political views in the air. These are tough times for Paris.
So maybe that's why Os Noctàmbulos have appeared with their raw 60′s garage psych. It's a sound that should have been bred out of the 60's backstreets but here it is alive today.
Just listen to this surf rock and roll guitar matched with the vocal style backed with a classic 60's farfisa organ or something near and you can very nearly hear the riots going on in the background. What a record this is, and least Parissienne of all it's sung in English. Blimey m'sieur what's happening over there.
Even more oddly their record label 'Evil Hoodoo' are in Sheffield, UK.
Os Noctàmbulos and their superbly named 'Corsican Garden' album is on limted edition vinyl out in September. Advance orders from The Evil Hoodoo website only. But you can hear it all right now.