Wednesday, 16 July 2014

tom petty streams more new tracks

In a time when you see some of the rock establishment being a bit mean spirited about open streaming (mentioning no names Mr Young) it's a very good to see how some of them really do get it.

In a lot of ways it's a really surprising thing to see tracks from Tom Petty's new album being streamed on Soundcloud. We posted the first one he put out a little while back, and now another new one has just appeared. This comes from a guy who you'd think surely doesn't need to reach out for new listeners on a wide open platform like Soundcloud.
But all credit to the man he's giving everyone a chance to hear his latest album, and after 4 years since his last release this suggests he's pretty darn pleased with the end result and wants as many folk to hear it as possible. So he should. This is very fine rock and roll and for some of us the best thing he's done. There's even some rip from a harmonica amongst those guitars.

He's got more tracks from 'Hypnotic Eye'. Go through the artist name on the widget or go here. The track below is "Fault Lines".