Monday, 23 June 2014

the journey of tir na nog

It is one of the better stories you'll hear about the business of making music, when two young guys from Ireland first set out on their musical story in the late 60's / early 70's, it has now come full circle for them after their last recorded music, just some 30 plus years ago (!), with the release of Tir na nOgs new vinyl 7" EP released this month on Fruits De Mer. (See previous post for the fuller story).
With the general consensus by old fans and new that their record is a joyous thing to behold Tir Na Nog have now given us all an added bonus and recently commissioned a promotional video for one of the tracks from the 'I Have Known Love' EP.
In what looks very much like a location shoot on the west coast (?) of Ireland they play the song "You In Yellow". And with the sound of the Irish Sea or is that the Atlantic we hear (on the video only), it holds all the charm and magic of the green Isle with the very highest song writing quality that Sonny Condell, who wrote this one, and Leo O'Kelly are producing in 2014.

The vinyl is available in the UK for just £5.50 from Fruits De Mer or Overseas for £7 from Shiny Beast. And it's worth every penny of your hard earned.

Now be transported to the world of Tir na nOg. It's been a 30 year journey.