Friday, 6 June 2014

temples at the gates

Looks like the retrospective psychedelic experience is beginning to seep into the sodden UK music scene. And although there's been a few taking the trip of reviving psyche rock it's noticeable new guitar bands are now more on the decline than incline here and haven't really made much of an impact in gathering a large audience. It's still more an underground vibe passed around some small venues. This might be down to most of these groups have supported themselves in recording and touring which is all good for their independence but doesn't have the money to launch them to a wider audience.
It's the same old story . They don't get press recognition or radio exposure or even rarer, TV time. In fact any diversity in the UK music scene is staunchly avoided until the annual Festival weeks when a few lucky unknowns get a couple of minutes airtime on one of the "youth" channels. Usually BBC3 at 4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Not exactly a prime time experience for anyone.
And what with the national gig circuit being severely restricted by.. lack of venues, the old ways of building that root fan base gets ever more desperate. Sneaking a live video out of a small club in say, Birminghqm or Newcastle, is how most young bands attempt the PR exercise for the new single. It's a bit dispiriting despite the energy they put in. As ever most ways forward are reliant on signing that record deal. It happened that way for the relatively new band 'Temples'. They first formed in the small town of Kettering in 2012. Just two guys giving it a go in their home studio. They posted their results on YouTube in the prescribed manner.
And here's the latest tale of good fortune, because that's always what you need, Heavenly Records finds the stuff and releases their first single in 2012. Since then they get around the UK and European festivals until eventually headlining their own UK tour in October last year. And then naturally after 18 months of live work it's all tight enough to release their first album earlier this year.
With this unveiling, the country's present senior guitar guru's, Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher pitch in to add their praise and annoint them as the best band in Britain... and also moan about why the band isn't being played on radio, which is probably for the same reason their own stuff isn't much played either. Mainstream radio that is.
It's taken a while but sure enough here in Temples we have the second coming of the psychedelic experience in the UK. A little bit Tame Impala and little bit early Pink Floyd.
Here is "Sand Dance" from the album 'Sun Structures'.