Thursday, 19 June 2014

lou reed archive on ebay

A poignant moment here. Ebay has just begun to auction some of Lou Reed's music gear.
Although unsurprisingly it's not the prized and important instruments like his guitars and their amps/effects, they're being squirreled away by Sister Ray Enterprises for their archive collection. The Ebay gear is the hardware collected over 30 years for the tours and other live work. And also because Reed just liked having all this gear.
The Ebay auction is on going and the items up for bid at the moment have 5 days left to go. There's 2 classic Kurzweil keyboards and their flight cases, and lots of effects units and pre-amps. The sure sign of road gear. But all in A1 condition.
Put your bid in (or just have a look) at the Lou Reed Archive on Ebay it's all at very reasonable prices and not oversubscribed with fortune hunters at the moment although you can see some of this being bought and sold for profit. Because it always is. Lets hope a few folk out there manage to get a piece of Lou Reeds world for the right reasons.
Some of these pieces won't be shipped to the UK, (probably too expensive) but they say your welcome to show up and collect. Now that would be something.

Here's a live version of Sweet Jane. (taken from the end credits of filmed concert)