Tuesday, 29 April 2014

'the good morning spider' from space

Sure is a long time since we've heard a pedal steel guitar used by a new(ish) band.
The Good Morning Spider aren't from the States so what they're grooving on in Sweden must be closer to Californian Sunshine than the lager they brew over there.
This is a very cool understated sound and a great bluesy tune worthy of any West Coast 70's psych.
They describe themselves as a "cosmic music constellation" and the stars in alignment are led by Viktor Rinneby with David Calgaro, Mathias Schlegel, Julia Öjbrandt, Joakim Karlsson and Fredrik Persson.
The video is by Sam Bucus and is more a beautifully shot personal journey of enlightenment in India. The music and lyrics are by Viktor Rinneby which is most important of all.
Superb production and sound as ever from the Swedish bands. Hope their new album 'Outergalactic' has plenty more where this came from. No sign of the album on their website yet but bet they'd love to have you follow them on that Facething, check them out here.
Here's the mesmerising track "Toss Me a Bone".