Tuesday, 22 April 2014

my expansive awareness

These guys from Zaragoza, Spain sound like they're having a real spaceball with their space rock and garage psyche. A great sound full of layered guitar riffs and synths played with energy. They've got to be good value live.
This is their first EP 'Uroboros' and they've literally jammed it with 6 tracks and an excellent production released on red vinyl as well as pay what you like downloads. Get it from the bandcamp widget below.
Just listen to that riff on their first track 'Up And Down. It gets you from the get go.
By the way 'Uroboros' was an advanced strain of the Progenitor virus.
How nice. Not exactly what we had in mind with the picture above.
It also often symbolises self-reflexivity or cyclicality.
Ah yes.. that would be it then.