Wednesday, 2 April 2014

jack white solo quarantine

Always intrigueing to hear where Jack White's going to take his blues next. This preview track from the forthcoming second solo album 'Lazaretto' (out June 9/10) is a daring raid on some classic blues riffs. It's a heavily gated and looped affair with an alarming hook. You do wonder where the track will go next as it stutters, turns and repeats the licks, but White's a clever so and so with a mixing desk as well as a guitar and he finishes full circle without losing control of any of it or his arsenal of players.
By the way a "lazaretto or lazaret is a quarantine station for maritime travellers".. yes that would about explain Jack White's view all right.
The album will arrive with a dizzying array of doodads if you want the vinyl. You'll get it at his website one would bet.

    As part of White’s Third Man Records Vault series, the label will issue Vault package No. 20, which will include a special limited-edition version of “Lazaretto” pressed on split-color blue-and-white vinyl, exclusive album art, a linen letter-pressed postcard, and a fold-out poster featuring a classic National Archives photo that serves as a recurrent image throughout the album art.
    The package will also feature a blue 7-inch single featuring two early demos of songs that appear on the new album: both "Alone In My Home" and "Entitlement" are solo recordings by White while he was in Mexico.
    A bonus item is a lavish 40-page hard-bound companion piece book full of lyrics, exclusive musical notations, photos and art from “Lazaretto.”

(And you can do the sputtering speaker trick in the video by mixing up a thick solution of Corn Starch and water and dumping it on your favorite wqoofer. They did it on QI and 'The Big Bang Theory' years ago. Kinda gooey fun though.)