Wednesday, 16 April 2014

it's a long way to the top of rock and roll

Kiss, despite their recent induction into the Rock And Roll Blah Blah Blah, have continued a steady stream of bickereing, back stabbing and general bitchiness about each other (and anyone else they don't think are being "respectful") to just about anyone or object that stands still long enough to listen to them.
Unfortunately the media will always lap this soap crap up, but you also have to wonder by now whether this is just some 'C' plan for self promotion. Although the dimwits probably think it's a great master-plan to sell an upcoming album. You don't have to be cynical to think that just a realist about the appalling state of the present day music business.

Meanwhile, putting that whole ridiculous fiasco into sharp relief comes the recent and most saddening news that AC/DC's guitarist Malcolm Young has been hit with a stroke leaving him in a critical state of health. It means he'll not be performing live or even recording ever again. Also rumoured is the possibility the band will announce their retirement as a result, although that's not been officially announced.
But well you know old rockers.. after a period of reflection they might change their minds. Many have done similar in the past when losing a long time band mate to illness or worse. The thing is most of these guys who've been rolling on through world tours and continual work for years don't know any other way of life. Young is 61, and has reached that age which does for a lot of those that still had to or need the rock and roll lifestyle. (And a few out there might just be a bit more cheerful they're still around and shut their gobs).

From their early days performing incendiary gigs at the Chalk Farm Roundhouse and The Marquee in London, bringing a completely new energy to all out hard rock, to the heights of their success on world stages Michael Young and AC/DC gave nothing less than their all to their audiences. Off duty they remained private and uncontroversial.
Lets hope Michael has a rested retirement.
Rock and Roll can be a tough life, and the band tell you that themselves in this track from a live show at The Marquee in 1976. Sounds like it was recorded for radio broadcast.

    Band update : “AC/DC asks that Malcolm and his family’s privacy be respected during this time. The band will continue to make music.”

original report via Hennemusic