Friday, 11 April 2014

idiot dentist attempts clone of Lennon

And 3 years ago one solid gold mad molar of a dentist by the name of Micheal Zuk pays 33,000 dollars for a tooth of John Lennon's.
Totally mad? Yes.
His aim. To sequence the DNA from the tooth to make a clone of Lennon which he would then raise as his son.
Unhinged? It doesn't end there.
On top of owning Lennon's DNA which by the way he thinks will be worth a fortune... (ah yes, the reason is quite clear Zuk baby), this fortune hunting piece of decay is also quite willing to clone Lennon more than once.
How very decent of him. No doubt even a whole band of Lennon's. Ringo Lennon etc etc.
Not only is this fuk Zuk going to mess with Lennon's DNA but he cheerily declares he'll clone other famous humans like “JFK, Martin Luther King, Marilyn.”
Dear god.. WHY?

Seems no one has made him aware the Lennon clone already exists.
Sorry Sean that was obviously uncalled for. But sort of irresistible.
And here's Sean Lennon's recent band Ghostt and new single and video "Animal" (The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger (AKA the GOASTT) consists of Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.)

    “It’s a loving spoof of the Source Family, that infamous ’60s cult of polygamous vegetarian hippies. We shot it on 35 millimeter and were inspired by the surrealist aesthetics of Jowdorowsky and Kenneth Anger,” Kemp Muhl tells us. That explanation doesn’t even seem necessary once you see how much the video embraces the playfully strange style of a film like Jowdorowsky’s Holy Mountain (which, incidentally, came to fruition thanks to the support of Lennon’s parents). The whole clip is framed around a massive, cultish sing-along and filled to the brim with surreal special effects, spaceships, and nudity.

It's also Sean joining in with the psychedelic experience.
Boy is that some fine display of hair. Last time we saw him in the UK it wasn't quite that resplendent. Is somebody wigging us here?

via stereogum