Wednesday, 19 March 2014

the limiñanas

"Yé-yé was a style of pop music that emerged from France, Italy and Spain in the early 1960s. The term "yé-yé" derived from "yeah! yeah!" wiki(and was mainly led by female singers).
So that's where Yeah Yeah all came from and if your a fan of tough rock and roll, right now you'll be thinking "no thanks" to some lightweight European pop.
But you'll be wrong and missing the sound of a Vox amp with it's tremolo turned up to kill on this searing hot single released last year by The Liminanas (yes even that sounds bananas) "Votre coté yéyé m'emmerde". Who have quite simply redefined "yeah! yeah!" with this recording.
Stick that shuddering Vox, a swamp backbeat and the delicious Francez vocals of Francesca Cusimano on it and you have some mesmerizing psyche.
Oh yeah and if your wondering what "Votre coté yéyé m'emmerde" means, try "Your side yéyé fuck me"
This is a mean rock and roll sound. 7" Vinyl released on Nasty Records... and you can see why.
They're also on Bandcamp