Wednesday, 26 March 2014

a minibus of pimps

Looking through the decades at the various music projects of John Paul Jones you have to conclude it must make him one of the most prolific musicians and artists there's been and in many forms of music. Just over the last decade he's been seen featuring in some of rocks most colourful bands. Guesting on a several festival appearances with Seasick Steve where his playing only intensified Steve's charecteristic blues. Shortly before that teaming up with 'Them Crooked Vultures' where his presence alongside Josh Homme brought out some of Homme's strongest work in songwriting and performance. There's been Foo Fighter engagements. Peter Gabriel stuff too.
You might say John Paul Jones has a very positive effect on those he works with.

Of course there's been years of experience during the halcyon days of Led Zeppelin, but you add that to all the other work he's produced and no one can say that Jones is a one trick bass player. Compare his musical diversity and output for example with his Zeppelin buddy Jimmy Page. It really doesn't compare.
And although they similarly both began as session players in the 60's Jones also arranged as well as recorded with a mighty lineup of artists. It's enough for now just to say that it was Jones' string arrangement on the Stones' "She's a Rainbow" on the 'Their Satanic Majesties Request ' psychedelic album that might come as a surprise for some not aware of how far Jones' influence has been. There were many other artists he worked with during that decade.

His latest project is also proof for a man fast approaching his seventies he's picking music that is still both challenging and diverse for himself as well as the listener.

    Minibus Pimps is a duo featuring John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin's legendary multi-instrumentalist), and prolific electronic musician, improviser and producer Helge Sten (Deathprod, Supersilent), which has existed since its first performance in 2011. This unique and unconventional UK/Norwegian collaboration is named after a track discovered on a compilation of Chinese experimental music (a street recording of people who work the crowd to fill taxis in Beijing).

So how does that work then? Well one listen to this piece from their latest recordings 'Cloud To Ground' reveals that Jones and Sten will be unlikely to enter the billboard top 100 with this new creation. Think they care? They do not. They are going to stick a sonic lightning bolt in your ear and then move that minbus of pimps on. Because that is what John Paul Jones does. Be prepared pop-pickers.
The album comes as an LP (180 gr black vinyl) and CD inserted, with cover art made by Are Mokkelbost. It is also available for download at Itunes and other download-outlets.