Wednesday, 26 February 2014

children of the mushroom - lost psychedelia

A haunting and mesmeric sound from The Children Of The Mushroom. They came from Thousand Oaks, California and made just one single recorded in 1967 and released in 1968, then by 1969 they reformed into a different group leaving behind this collectors item for future generations. A classic piece of psychedelic of the era.

Members included Jerry McMillen (guitar, vocals, flute), Bob Holland (organ), Al Pisciotta (bass), Dennis Christensen (drums) and Paul Gabrinetti (guitar, vocals).
From the comments section on the video one of the original members Dennis Christensen, even informed us all "Bob Holland used a VOX Jaguar...".
Thanks Dennis, it's always good to hear from a child of the mushroom.

Here's the B Side 'You Can't Erase A Mirror' and below that the A-side 'August Mademoiselle' .