Tuesday, 25 June 2013

jonathan wilson

Now here's a rarity these days. An American band completely underrated in their home country yet highly rated in Great Britain and Europe. That scenario has a somewhat familiar feel about it especially in the UK when it use to be a pattern set decades ago with some American bands that went on to eventual success back home.
Although to be fare there are fans of Jonathan Wilson (yes another Wilson on the music scene, no relation of course) who are feeling righteously miffed right now because they do recognise the quality behind this band and are becoming increasingly fraught that the rest of their countrymen really haven't recognised the talent of his band, songwriting and guitar playing.
It's amusing to see how this is all beginning to annoy those that are fans in the States and just how much of a throwback to another era this is becoming.
One of the best writers and observers on American music, Richard Metzger writes in frustration "Seriously America! WTF?".
Then you hear just what Jonathan Wilson is producing and if ever their was a band that had that familiar blood of US rock running through it's veins then this is it... so WTF exactly are you waiting for America?

Now all you do is figure out just where and when you've heard this sound before. You'll agree there's many an influence in there.
Here's a splendid video of Jonathan Wilson joining his band in a warehouse somewhere, and along with the song title is a very good metaphor for the whole business, "The Way I Feel"